First we followed a log truck

First view of Freycinet

At Park Headquarters


Thursday 19 January 2006

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia to Freycinet National Park

Checked my mail and called Phil. Sounds as though the woodwork painting is going slowly. He told me that Suze got a haircut, quite short for her. Can't wait to see it.

I can't believe I have been a parent for 35 years!

I went to the first talk and then interviewed Denise Tolhurst. Went back to final session on collaboration. I ate lunch with Sue and Dan. Did a wicked trip went the door to the outside was closed improperly and as I opened it, my shoe was caught and came off. I was grateful that my hip didn't come out of joint.

Sue, Dan and I rode the bus to downtown Hobart and got their rental car. We drove back and loaded up. Stopped at a "bottle shop" for a Tasmanian pinot noir for me and bitter Cascade beer for Dan. Sue got some snacks at the Coles market. We drove leisurely up to Freycinet National Park, stopping at a museum shop in Swansea for souvenirs.

View from Cabin                 Cabin Living Room
We had a snack in the lovely cabin -- I have a two-bed room to myself! Then we went to dinner at the bistro at the lodge where I had hummus and a Greek salad. The hummus was accompanied by "Bush Dust" -- a special blend of spic

We soon headed up to Bicheno to see the fairy penguins come up from the sea. On the way Sue spotted a kookaburra in a gum tree. Cool.

The penguins were unbelievable. We were so close we had to be careful not to step on them. The walking tour took about an hour and the guide was really good.

Fairy Penguin

On the way back we saw several kangaroos (wallabies, actually) on the side of the road. I thought I saw a Tasmanian devil but it turned out to be a possum!

To bed at midnight. Scary thought since the alarm is set for 5am to make the 5:30 am bird walk.

Then we followed a honey dipper.

Park Headquarters

Dan in Cabin

View from Lodge

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