Friday 20 January 2006

Freycinet National Park to Hobart

Freycinet National Park

Went on 5:30 am bird walk and saw 22 species. It was great fun.

Then I walked down to Honeymoon Bay beach -- beautiful. Used my walking stick as a monopod and photographed myself in the bay.

I went to breakfast with Sue at the Lodge -- huge English breakfast and then I walked along the beach to the visitor's center. Gorgeous walk. Briefly toured the center and walked back. I got Sue to take me up to a trail that overlooked Wineglass Bay and went to a lighthouse both overlooking the Tasman Sea.

I took a small bus from the lodge to Bicheno where I had to wait an hour for the big bus to Hobart. I stopped in the small town library where an incredibly friendly librarian let me use the internet -- a very slow connection to check mail. The views in the village were incredible. Bus trip back to Hobart next to a tradesman who talked in an accent I couldn't understand -- he did want a wife from West Australia who could cook!

When I go back into Hobart, I walked from the bus depot down to the center of the city to get a bus back to the hotel. It was about a mile, I think. The city bus ride to the hotel took us way up high with fabulous views of the Derwent river and the city. I ate the dips I had bought at the York store a couple of days ago and packed for the trip to NZ.