December 2005
Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!!
Phil and Barbara Owens

Greetings once again from Texas! This has been a busy year for us.  We have enjoyed good health and lots of traveling, especially to our mountain cabin in the North Georgia Mountains.

Phil still teaches math at Austin Community College.  Just this fall ACC began offering classes at a new campus only about 5 miles from our house.  Phil definitely does not miss the commute.  Barbara continues to teach at Southwestern University. However, she has taken a full year sabbatical. She is “working” on two small projects, but mostly seems to be gallivanting.

In February Barb traveled with our older daughter, Gwyneth, and her family to La Baule, Brittany in France to help out while Gwyneth attended her company’s annual meeting.

<-- Barb and Camille at the Eiffel Tower

In March Phil’s sister Belle came to share Spring Break at our cabin.  We had a lot of fun with Belle and our grandkids.

Phil and Barb went to a Red Sox game.  He had subscribed to watching all their games “live” on the computer.


In April Gwyneth came with girls to cheer Phil, Susannah and Barb as they participated in the Austin Capitol 10,000 race.

Once again we went to Camille’s ballet recital in Atlanta in June.
At the Fox Theater                        Camille (now 7)


<--- Phil is section-hiking the Benton-MacKaye trail in North Georgia.

-->Barb enlisted Phil and Gwyneth to level a steep hill for a junky above- ground pool at the cabin 

Chloe (now 3)

Susannah has a dog!

Phil and Barb had a wonderful couple of weeks mostly in Portugal but with a short stay in Spain.  Barbara attended a computer science education conference at a seaside resort visited mainly by Portuguese and Phil had a great time exploring the locale.  We traveled a bit in northern Portugal. See additional pics here.

Barb drove with Susannah the day after returning from Portugal to join Gwyneth and  her girls for a week at Mullet Lake, Michigan to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the cottage Grandfather Boucher  built.



Thanksgiving at the cabin this year saw 12 folks in all including kids, grandkids, and Barb’s brother Jim and Marty and Marty’s daughter Suzi’s family. We had lots of fun -- eating, hiking, and geocaching.

May the blessings that surround the birth of the Christ Child be with you and your family this holiday season.
Join us as we pray for peace on earth.