Christmas Greetings 2003

February Barb went to Normandy with Gwyneth, Camille and Chloe (Camille and Barbara at Mont St. Michel)

May – Phil and Barb went to the cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia : Grandpa and Chloe

June – Barb volunteered to go Ireland to babysit while Gwyneth and Rob went to a wedding in Galway.



July – Phil and Barb in Greece at the Acropolis after attending a conference in Thessaloniki.

July --Barb had a hip replacement in Georgetown Hospital. Barb’s brother Jim came to help out.

July – Phil went to Massachusetts to stay with Gram(age 96) and Gwyneth and her girls came, too. (Phil, Camille & Gram)

September – Susannah, Chloe and Camille in Paris on trip with Barb and Gwyneth

Happy Holidays from

Phil and Barbara Owens

November – Barb and Phil spent Thanksgiving at the cabin and enjoyed hiking (here with Gwyneth and Chloe).



May the joy that surrounds the birth of Christ surround you and yours in the coming year.