Monday 9 January 2006

The morning was very warm. We opened the sliding door as it was well over 60. We heard a crash. The painter had taken off the frames for the lights and a globe had come loose and had broken.

I did my standard pack and repack. I had Phil weigh himself with my bags. The big one was near the 44 pound limit and the small one was 20 pounds, well over the 14 pound limit for the flight from Melbourne to Hobart on the 15th. Creative packing or money will work.

I cleaned out my bathroom drawers after Phil had made so much fun of my lack of organization.

He and I went for a walk down the river to see the electric fence that the painter had talked about. I think it is the land that I heard Rusty Winkerstein is going to grow organic produce on for his new health food store. We walked along the river until we were totally foiled by a fence on the land that used to be Tim Kennedy's,

The cleaning lady came and Phil and I went out -- I got a veggie burger at Burger King and we went to Wal-Mart for gas and to Best Buy to see if they had PC cards for SD cards. They didn't.

I talked to Gwyneth twice.

Just as we were about to leave I got 13 email messages that I had to take care of, including downloading the pdf of a book chapter I agreed to read. I was afraid we would be late for the airport, but it was ok. It only took 35 minutes to get there. I told the counter attendant what I needed in the wrong order. I checked my bag BEFORE I cancelled the Melbourne Hobart leg and it was a mess for a while but I ended up getting a $64 voucher.

I had first class to LA -- good food. Gorgonzola pasta and a Montpelier cabernet Sauvignon that was excellent. The LA airport check-in was a zoo. Called Phil while I was in line. But after I got through security it was quiet. I couldn't find my toothpaste and bought some but then found it. Drat.