Friday January 27 2006 Auckland

I walked down to the beach again before anyone else arose. This time the tide was out far enough to get all the way to the point. There is a big park there and I could see the Sky Tower and the skyline.

Alison and I went to the city where I checked email but could not upload anything. Then we got the ferry to Waiheke (Why hee key) Island for a wine tasting tour. The ferry stopped at Devenport on the way over and the trip was VERY windy. However the tour itself was The views on the island are spectacular and the wines good. We had lunch at the first winery, Stony Ridge, and enjoyed sitting on the two wooden lounge chairs overlooking the vineyard, hills and some English riding classes -- Alison says they just call it riding. Then to Mud Brick winery for a real tromp uphill for more good views. The third winery, Peninsula, was small but had a delightful woman guide, manager, farmer all in one and I bought a lot of wine!

The ferry arrived back at rush hour. We went to the grocery and headed home. We put our feet up for a while and then had stir fry and one of the Waiheke wines for dinner. We watched a DVD about Hone Tuwhare, a Maori poet. It was quite interesting, but wouldn't have been had I not gone to Rotorua.