Wednesday 25 January Auckland

Both Alison and Tony went to work and I puttered awhile before taking a few photos of their home and walking to the beach in front of the house where I saw several beautiful rosellas –a kind of parrot. Then I walked to UNITEC to meet Alison. Her house is a 30 minute walk. During the walk it began to rain.

She led me all over the campus and I worked on line for a while and then went to lunch. She went to a meeting and I walked back to her building. ON the way I took photos of pokekos near a sacred Maori area. When I got the building a fire alarm was going off and I had to wait to get back in. I worked on my workshop. I had really confused my files and it took all afternoon.

Alison and I went to the super market and I bought a Corden -- Hawkes Bay Sauvignon Blanc. We had baked chicken, potatoes and salad for dinner. Her “brother” came over and brought strudel for dessert.