Sunday 22 January 2006 Auckland

I was the first up. Showered and couldn't figure out how to get hot water, so it was a fast shower. Alison got up and made tea. It was a beautiful day and their home is gorgeous.

Soon everyone was up and slowly we made a plan. Tony drove us all around Auckland. Because of all the bays going anywhere requires a circuitous route. We went for brunch at a busy cafe-park section of the city called Mission Bay. I had a salad with scallops and bacon and bananas. Crazy as it sounds it was delicious.

We went into Tony's office at Auckland University of Technology and then to the visitor's center where I booked an overnight tour of Rotorua and the surrounds.

Then we went to another section of the city called Devonport where we drove up Mt. Wellington and had a grand view of the city, the South Pacific and the islands beyond. We drove past the house where Don G. and his wife had lived and had snacks at a cafe. Then to a grocery, and off to Becky's,a colleague of Alison's, house for a "barbie". We ended the meal with a Pavlova, the traditional Kiwi dessert.