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Joy and Barrie, Wright Bros and Dinosaur
Barrie and Joy Wright Bros and Dinosaur

Tree Fern in Melbourne Museum
Tree Fern in Melbourne Museum

Tawny Frog Mouth
Tawny Frog Mouth in Melbourne Museum

Barrie and Joy in Botantical Garden Melbourne
Barie and Joy in Botanical Garden, Melbourne

Autralian Target
Auatralian Target --Joy and Barb

Wednesday January 2006

11 January 2006 Melbourne and Geelong Peninsula Wonderful breakfast on the airplane. It was a quiche kind of thing.

Getting through customs took an hour and my luggage still hadn't come through. Eventually I had everything and saw Barrie and Joy and at the exit.

It was raining when we left the airport and we went to the Melbourne Museum which was great. It gave an overview to the flora and fauna and indigenous peoples. There was a wlk though rainforest with real animals in it. We had coffee and then went to the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens. By then the weather had turned very nice.

Morton Fig

Morton Bay Fig Tree

We took a leisurely ride back to their home. First we passed by Geelong Grammar School which is a famous private school that Prince Charles had attended (different campus, however).

Geelong has lots of industry as well as the home of Deakin University with its remodeled wool warehouses used as campus buildings.

The peninsula has lots of vineyards and is quite pretty. We arrived at their home and after a glass of Margaret River Chardonnay headed out to visit two of Joy's computer clients, one whose printer wouldn't work and the other whose computer seems to have a virus.

Joy whipped up a wonderful salmon dish for supper in no time flat and we enjoyed a glass Australian port afterwards.

We played with computers all evening (I called Phil with SKPYE at 5:15) before going to bed about 11:30pm

Joy's Salmon Dish

Joy's Salmon Dish

Barrie and whale from near Geelong

Barrie and Whale found near Geelong
Melbourne Museum
Melbourne museum

Vitorian Exhibit Hall

Victorian Exhibition Hall

Barrie at the Grocery
Barrie at the Grocery

Joy and Barrie and Margaret River Wine
Joy and Barrie and Margaret River Wine

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